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Links to my stuff, my friends, favorite things, etc. All in one place.

Where to buy my stuff

Where to connect with me

  • Facebook – I hang out on Facebook more than probably anywhere else right now
  • Instagram – Trying to get the hang of Instagram and use it more
  • Twitter – I am not as active on Twitter as I used to be
  • YouTube – I am planning to create more videos of creating items one of these days

    My fun time

    • – My science-fiction community that I am working on rebuilding to it’s former glory as a top site
    • Overwatch 2 – My main “break” activity is playing Overwatch (I’m a Junkrat main but love playing mystery heroes. Player tag: Kaensehkmet)
    • Fortnite – yes, I am a gamer and finally got the hang of Fortnite.