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My story Blog

Welcome to my blog – ramblings about life, art, design, and more. I will also include occasional tutorials, videos and more.

designing a 3d printed shelf

Working on some 3d today

Okay so I haven’t been in my studio every day this week as I had planned, but I have managed to get a few things done including videos for my store channels and today working on (hopefully!) finalizing the first part of a shelf I’ve been …

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Daily creativity challenge

Being busy working so much means setting creative projects aside a lot of the time and I am trying to get back to working daily on creative projects. I have so many things started I haven’t finished yet, so I have decided to challenge myself to…

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Finding my Creative Voice Again

As I have been working on this site, I realized it can be more than I originally planned. At first, I intended it just to be a hub for everything I am doing and links to my various endeavors. But as I thought about it and continued to design (and red…

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artist lori anne brown in sanford florida usa

Welcome to my creative home

After many years of thinking about it, I am finally launching this site to serve as a hub for all my creative endeavors as an artist and entrepreneur. You will find links to everything I do online – from all my social media accounts, to my e-co…

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