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Jewelery Maker
Graphic Designer
3D Modeler

Welcome to my Art studio

I am An Artist. A Maker. A Creator

But life has a way of knocking us back from our passions to what is practical. And for years, I focused less on creating and more on surviving.
I love my ecommerce business and my customers, but selling other people’s creations doesn’t feed my soul.
So I have been working on getting my creativity flowing again. It started by transforming an unused bedroom into the
art studio of my dreams. It gives me the space to pursue long denied passions like 3D modeling and jewelry making,
while getting back to painting, drawing, and crafting. This website is the culmination of it all as well as my exploration
into different art styles and blog for the journey.
Be sure to check out the About Me and Portfolio pages for more about me and what I do.

my story

  • Working on some 3d today
    Okay so I haven’t been in my studio every day this week as I had planned, but I have managed to get a few things done including videos for my store channels and today working on (hopefully!) finalizing the first part of a shelf I’ve been designing for probably 8 months now for 3d printing. I had some initial issues since it’s been a LONG time since I worked in… Read More »Working on some 3d today
  • Daily creativity challenge
    Being busy working so much means setting creative projects aside a lot of the time and I am trying to get back to working daily on creative projects. I have so many things started I haven’t finished yet, so I have decided to challenge myself to spend time in my art studio every day. And I am going to try to document here to hopefully inspire myself and you. I… Read More »Daily creativity challenge
  • Finding my Creative Voice Again
    As I have been working on this site, I realized it can be more than I originally planned. At first, I intended it just to be a hub for everything I am doing and links to my various endeavors. But as I thought about it and continued to design (and redesign) the main page, I realized I really should take it further. This is really about my journey and getting… Read More »Finding my Creative Voice Again

Where to buy my art

Some items are available here and below are links to the places to buy my work.


I work with Amazon to create clothing as Majestic Dragonfly


My art is expanded onto stickers and other products as well as tee shirts as Dragonfly Tees


Notebooks, Wall Art, Magnets and more with my art is available as Majestic Dragonfly


My hand made jewelry along with some art designs are available as Majestic Dragonfly Art


My own ecommerce stores include some of my designs. See My Shops below for links.


My art available on home goods and apparel is available at Majestic.Dragonfly.Art


I accept custom commissions for graphic design and jewelry. Contact me.


Find out when I release new styles and jewelry.
My jewelry is all one of a kind pieces first come, first buys it, so this is the best way for you to be able to get a piece before anyone else.

Watch for new designs and products coming soon

My RedBubble portfolio


shop gothic plus for gothic shoes, clothing, jewelry, home decor
find supplies for all spiritual paths at
majestic dragonfly . com