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Working on some 3d today

designing a 3d printed shelf

Okay so I haven’t been in my studio every day this week as I had planned, but I have managed to get a few things done including videos for my store channels and today working on (hopefully!) finalizing the first part of a shelf I’ve been designing for probably 8 months now for 3d printing.

I had some initial issues since it’s been a LONG time since I worked in 3d programs. I used to teach Lightwave 3D, but that was nearly 20 years ago now (wow time flies!), and I was so rusty! So after running into a few issues, I dragged out the old books I had and started working thru tutorials to learn it again.

I am up to like version 5 now of this project – the top half is the harder part I still need to make some repairs to, but the bottom is printing (again!) right now so I will know in 17 hours if it worked.

Yes, 17 HOURS. 3d printing is fun but it is a very slow process. The printer forms each very thin layer at a time and continually builds up from the bottom up to form the object. So even small objects can take a while. This shelf is about 8 inches wide so yeah…17 hours.

For those interested in such things, I have 3 3D printers – an Ender 3 and 2 CR6SE’s all from Creality. The printers themselves are awesome but 3D printing is much more of a science experiment than an art. There is no such thing as plug it in and go…there are tons of little adjustments here and there to learn the printer and what to do when there is an issue. I’ve had failed prints, clogged nozzles, broken filament, a bad power switch I had to replace, 2 broken belts…and I’m sure a lot of other things I’ve forgotten. It is a rewarding experience to manifest into existence thanks to the printers something that only existed in my head, but getting there can be very frustrating too. It is definitely a hobby you need patience for.

While the printer is doing it’s thing, I am going to work on some jewelry practice – I really need to improve my bezels and stone setting skills for metalsmithing, so that is the goal for after lunch. Oh and I need to get the piece of wire or whatever it is out of my foot…again! My feet somehow manage to find the tiniest slivers of things on the floor no matter how careful I am. And yeah, I know…wear shoes. I am just a barefoot kinda gal so will wear shoes for a while…then just don’t.

Hope you are having a great, creative day!

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