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Daily creativity challenge

Being busy working so much means setting creative projects aside a lot of the time and I am trying to get back to working daily on creative projects. I have so many things started I haven’t finished yet, so I have decided to challenge myself to spend time in my art studio every day. And I am going to try to document here to hopefully inspire myself and you.

I presently work on my ecommerce stores most of the day but am going to push myself to get upstairs to my art studio after dinner (which I usually eat around 4pm) every day and do SOMETHING creative (other than playing video games since my art studio computer is also my gaming pc).

Follow along and see what I work on. I’m going to try to do “making of” videos or at least progress photos every day to include here on the blog and in my portfolio.

Open projects to finish

Here are some things I am planning to finish that have been in progress for a while:

  • A sterling silver gemstone bracelet. I sketched it out last year and think I’ve been too afraid to start it due to fear of messing up and wasting the rather expensive sterling silver. But since I have now discovered how I can melt silver scraps, there is nothing to waste – I can always recycle my “failures”.
  • Dragonfly design 3D printed shelf set. I did the prototype a while ago but it had a few issues I need to fix and I haven’t gotten back to it. I am thinking about releasing the dragonfly part of it first then going back and refining the complete concept. I have 3 3D printers that need to earn their keep!
  • 3D printed shadowbox I started working on almost 2 years ago now (?!) and haven’t finished. Got sidetracked relearning Lightwave 3D to model it and never got back to actually working on the design. The one I had designed is for Halloween so I need to get that done so I can release it in time for the holiday this year.
  • Gemstone and sterling silver amulet design I started but then messed up the bezel for one of the stones and never got back to finishing. I really need to practice bezel setting stones more so need to get back to it.
  • Vinyl cut decals for my shops. I have a series of designs sketched out…just never actually got around to creating the files to put my Silhouette Cameo 4 Plus cutter to work! I don’t like having equipment in the studio that hasn’t earned at least it’s cost back.
  • A ton of new designs for my print on demand business for journals, clothing, wallpaper, fabric – so much more! I’ve been doing designs, but haven’t gotten them all actually uploaded for sale! Going to finish that part up and create a bunch of other ideas I have had.
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